The Castle Rock and Pacific (CRAP) Railroad Company is a 30'x60'
"L" shaped HO scale model railroad constructed on three levels.  The
mainline operates as an ATSF and D&RGW Joint Line from Castle Rock,
Colorado to Galveston, Texas.  There are active interchanges with the Castle
Rock and Pacific, the Missouri Kansas Texas and the N de M.  Towns along the
line starting in the North include (in order): Castle Rock, CO, Carbon, CO,
Trinidad, CO, Santa Rosa, NM, Muleshoe, TX, Sweetwater, TX, Indian Gap, TX,
River Oaks, TX,  Galveston, TX.  A nine track, 35' staging yard represents the rest
of the world.

Construction began in 2003 with the demolition of several basement walls.  The
mainline is complete as are most of the industrial tracks and operations are under
way! Plaster covers the entire railroad and scenery has begun in several areas.

There is much more to tell about the Castle Rock and Pacific but this web site,
like the railroad itself, takes time to build.

Check back often for updates and news.
The Galveston "Dock Job" passes under
the main line to enter the wharf area.
Last Updated
26 Dec 2014
The GA-SR Local steps across the Pecos
River trestle.
Castle Rock    Pacific
R   a   i   l    r   o   a   d        C   o   m   p   a   n   y