Every railroad needs a reason to exist.  The Castle Rock and Pacific is no
different than the rest.  If you play our construction video, here is what
you will discover...
The Castle Rock & Pacific was conceived to support the U. S.
Navy's Top Secret Project X-Ray.

Bats were equipped with incendiary devices and released
from bombers in aerodynamic cages fitted with barometric
locks.  As the "bat bombs" neared their targets, the doors
were opened releasing the deadly bats.  The bats would then
roost under the eaves of enemy buildings.  When the timers
on the incendiary devices expired, the flames would set the
bats free while simultaneously starting fires on the roofs of
enemy structures.

The Castle Rock & Pacific Railroad was originated as a
covert means of transporting the bats from the mountain
caves in Colorado to the secret site of Project X-Ray.

Project X-Ray was never successful; however, the Castle
Rock & Pacific survived not as a bat hauler but as a shit
hauler.  The bat guano, high in nitrates, was found to be
useful in the manufacture of high explosives during the
conflict and was later used in high quality fertilizers during
post war recovery.

The Castle Rock & Pacific has been in high cotton and deep
shit ever since...
If you find this story hard to
believe, you are not alone -
check this out.  For more
information do an internet
search on "project x-ray".
On the model railroad, the Castle Rock and Pacific (reporting marks = CRAP, rather
appropriate for a guano hauler don't you think?) is only a short line interchange with the
larger Santa Fe and Denver & Rio Grande joint line from Castle Rock, Colorado to
Galveston, Texas.  Major industrial themes represent the livestock and textile industries.  
Other industries will appear as real estate and trackage allow.
Want to read more about
Project X-Ray?  Find a copy
of the now out of print "Bat
Bomb" by Jack Couffer.
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