The meat packing plant is up and running with daily deliveries to and from Castle Rock yard.

Currently, River Oaks has 5 houses, and the station is mostly complete. They still don't like the

Indian Gap has Lasby Oil with soon-to-be working oil rigs and storage facilities.

Even the mining district in Trinidad has a mine, though it is as yet
nonfunctional with no rail service.

Service to Marble has been added, loading Colorado marble onto flat cars for
delivery to stone masons, sculptors, and construction sites all over the world.
C.R.A.P New Additions
River Oaks houses
The Castle Rock and Pacific Railroad has undergone many changes and additions since the mainline was
completed and operations began. All the towns have structures with supporting rail access, and several
have scenery as well. People have begun to show up, bringing the railroad to life.
Castle Rock    Pacific
R   a   i   l    r   o   a   d        C   o   m   p   a   n   y
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