Operations have been ongoing now for almost 8 years.  As usual, things have changed numerous
times.  There are 26 trains on the timetable and there are an additional 6 trains that are run as yard
jobs (operating within yard limits).  There are 40 locomotives and 400 cars on the railroad.  In a four
hour session we move between 400 and 500 cars (some move more than once).  In its current state
the railroad will support an operations crew of about 17 as follows:
The morning/evening passenger trains are scheduled to meet in Santa Rosa.  They are
timed to provide commuter service for the snooty folks that live in River Oaks.  No switching
has been implemented for the passenger trains at this time.  The through freights will
exchange blocks of cars in Castle Rock and Galveston.  The milk train carries fresh milk and
dairy products from Santa Rosa, New Mexico and points south, to Rebecca's Sunny Brook
Farms Creamery in Galveston, Texas picking up cars along the way as necessary.  The mail
train departs Galveston early in the morning, collects mail along the way and terminates in
Castle Rock staging.  Both the milk and mail trains run back to their origins in the late
evening.  The local freights will switch the industries between the end points of their
respective runs.  The early coal train carries empty hoppers from Galveston to Castle Rock.  
The second coal train exchanges empties for loads at the mine at Carbon then services
several coal-burning industries including Island Power.  The cattle trains supply the packing
plant in Castle Rock with livestock from across the railroad and the meat trains serve to
distribute the meat products generated by the packing plant.  The yard jobs service the
industries of Castle Rock and Galveston.  The Dispatcher runs the railroad.  The Yard
Masters are responsible for all activities in their yards and the Yard Engineers do the bidding
of their respective Yard Master.

Castle Rock Yard Master
Castle Rock Engineer
Galveston Yard Master
Galveston Engineer
Road Crews (7 - 12)

4   Passenger Trains
8   Through Freights
2   Milk Trains
2   Mail Trains
2   Local Freights
2   Coal Trains
2   Cattle Trains
4   Meat Packing Plant
2   Meat Trains
1   Oil Train
1   Galveston City
1   Castle Rock City
1   Mexican Turn
This line-up totals 26 mainline trains and 6 yard
jobs, so a road crew can expect to be called three
or four times during the session.
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