The city and port of Galveston, Texas marks the southern end of the
modeled portion of the Castle Rock & Pacific.  Two major industrial areas,
Galveston city and the Galveston wharves are located on opposite ends
of the Galveston Yard.  The yard has seven classification tracks and a
minor engine servicing facility including roundhouse and turntable plus
arrival and departure tracks.  The wharves at Galveston are
Galveston, Texas
still under construction.  Being a port facility, Galveston wharves will
represent a universal industry where almost any commodity can be
shipped or received.  The fishing industry will also be represented.  
Galveston city is home to many industries including a cotton
warehouse, a creamery, a monument & stone company, Island
Power & Light, two grocery/produce warehouses, Stanko
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Castle Rock    Pacific
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Transit Supply and an agricultural supply house.  The city of
Galveston is still growing as the skeleton of a new industry is
currently rising at the south end of the yard.  The trackage for the
Galveston complex occupies about half of the railroad’s lower level
and is located between the staging yard and River Oaks.