Santa Rosa, New Mexico is located on the upper level between Muleshoe, Texas and Trinidad,
Colorado.  Although not the actual mid-point of the railroad, Santa Rosa is chosen as the
division point  because of its available real estate and long passing track.  Named passenger
trains will stop and meet in Santa Rosa.  Local freights from the major terminals of Castle Rock,
Colorado and Galveston, Texas will layover and "turn" in Santa Rosa.  It is here that the railroad
crosses famed U.S. Route 66.  Major industries in Santa Rosa will include a
Santa Rosa, New Mexico
Castle Rock    Pacific
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live stock trail head and a cotton gin.  Trackage includes
a 1721' passing siding, a small two track yard with
engine house and industrial spurs.  There are no
locomotive turning facilities in Santa Rosa so local steam
power will run through while crews change direction.